For Belinda Ponczek, what began as a fascination with fashion as a young girl, quickly turned into an all-consuming love affair that helped to carve a stellar career in the realm of fashion styling.

In her hometown of Melbourne Australia, Ponczek’s skills were highly sought after for TV commercials, editorials, advertising campaigns. She was commissioned to work with distinguished publications such as Fault Magazine (UK) and Fashion Trend Magazine as well as prominent Australian TV personalities including Matt Preston.

But it was her decision to move to New York City that cemented Ponczek’s fate in the high echelons of fashion society. Working with acclaimed actors and musicians such as Nan Zhang and Charlene Kaye and collaborating on campaigns including New York’s renowned Eco Fest and Warby Parker NY, Ponczek’s unique ability to explore possibilities and transcend boundaries was duly appreciated.

Ponczek is unwavering in her commitment to fashion preferring to influence rather than be influenced. With an aversion to all things mainstream, Ponczek negotiates fashion in her own terms, unafraid, experimental and defiantly original. Her intuitive approach to her work, and in fact, her life, is a breath of fresh mountain air in a sea of style monotony. It is this approach to her work that she has become renowned for. Indeed, fashion is the medium in which Ponczek communicates her ideas with the world, and it is in this platform that she is most understood.